What Do You See?

Mirror Mirror by LaraKim

Mirror Mirror by LaraKim

People say…

eyes are the mirror to the soul.

They hold

all that is buried within this shell.

So, you stare…

and what do you find there?

Exactly what do you see

when you look at me?

Do you see the places I’ve been?

The flames burning within…

this shell…

this Hell…


What is it

within me?

You see, I don’t know.

All I see is the turmoil I’ve been through,

the problems that ensue,

the pain I’ve caused,

and the hurt that paused


I can’t see past the external things

that caused the turmoil within.

Tell me…

Is my soul black

from the world that I let seep in?

Is it white from good intentions within?

Please tell me, for I am blind

and not knowing is causing me to die!

Look at me!

What do you see?



Life Swim

Photo by Elena Kalis

Photo by Elena Kalis



adjectives used to describe a life
“I’m going swimming”
an irrational, yet distinct cry
for help
she thought it was all she’d need
but they gave no heed
they thought she just needed to find herself
blurred perception
if corrected, could have saved a life
floating by



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She laughs as she blows bubbles.
Orbs that form worlds in her eyes
Yet does not realize
Thoughts have power;
Every minute, every hour,
Every dream she imagines
Comes true
And in that second
She forms a reality
Where laughter…
Is all we need.
In that moment,
Even adults around her see.
Newness and possibility,
Creation and wonder,
And they start to dream.
Some hold on…
Change… Subtlely…
And some go back
To this world’s troubles
And forget….
Watching her laugh and blow bubbles
Orbs that formed worlds in their eyes.
Just too adult to realize
Their thoughts have power.

© Daydreamer


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