Free Accused For Priest Abused

William Lynch acquitted for beating the Priest
To some, just another word for the horned beast
Sexually assaulted when just a boy
Allegedly used as the holy man’s toy.

“I honestly thought I was going to jail,” said he
Instead, one way trip to hell gets the priest
“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” some say
Religious beliefs were tried today

This is my submission for the #Poetics topic @Dverse poetry pub. View original article at–abc-news-topstories.html


5 thoughts on “Free Accused For Priest Abused”

  1. This is such an outrage that these men have used their faith to seduce young boys. Though your poem draws out the political implications of the case, I think it goes deeper as one ponders its meaning. It’s interesting that you allow the question to remain hanging in the air, perhaps rightly so, allowing each to search their understanding of justice.


  2. oh snap…ripped right out the headlines….an ironic name as well…ugh on priests abusing kids….it should never happen and people in power should never…ugh…hard subject for me…


  3. The catholic church is crumbling and, these thousands upon thousands of instances of sexual abuse and misconduct by these ‘trusted’ men of God is one of the main reasons it’s going to fall apart. How sad they hide behind God to do their evil deeds.
    Well written but, a very sad subject.


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