A Response to F(orgive) THIS by Brian Miller

They meddle and peddle this bullshit from pulpits and here I sit expected to swallow this? As a mother, father, daughter, or son; Better yet the one to who it’s done? I forgive you and it sets me free. I win you see, but I won’t forget. I do not give permission for repetition of this evil embrace from your evil face. Too afraid to be named or thought the same as that evil you speak against. I do not straddle the fence or commence with the appearance of being dense. Instead, I do not forget or let those memories rest. I will fight your fake light and put you to the test. In front of all those who hold you superior, face yourself: here’s a mirror.

I was so in awe of his poem that I came up with this one.  Brian Miller you are a great poet.  Thank you.


2 thoughts on “A Response to F(orgive) THIS by Brian Miller”

  1. There are many pulpits people preach from in life… those we hold in high esteem from many walks of life, many professions – and we are shocked when we learn they fall harder and faster than the common man…

    Nice, powerful write.


  2. you make me smile…loved your response in teh comments…and love it when poets play off each other like that…this has a wicked pace to it and a strong voice….love the end…here’s your mirror….smiles…


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