Sometimes the words flow from me

and I question where they come from.

They pour onto the page as if they were already there,

just invisible somehow.

Sometimes I am speechless

and the words just fail me.

Though my heart aches as if I’ve stemmed the flow

and I ask myself:

What do I know?

My heart aches to tell a story

that my hands won’t let me write.

My eyes strain to see words beyond a blank page

but my body screems to me good night.

Emotions war

but I’m still left silent

in a tornado of word filled smoke.

These are the trials of a poet,

yet many think them a joke.

A yawn stifled,

a gift returned,

a love rejected,

something for which you yearn…

We all know the feeling.

We’ve all been there.

How you feel when your true love becomes your enemy,

that’s how wordlessness feels to me.

© Day Dreamer

I write poetry because it is my voice.  It is the way my “voice” sounds so to speak.  Though I know many people suffer it daily, I can’t imagine a world with no voice.  Therefore, I let people hear it whenever I can and I cherish my gift.


You can find this piece in the book Fragments of Me: A Journey of Poetry or over at Dversepoets.com.  Come join us!


14 thoughts on “Wordlessness”

  1. a tornado of word filled smoke… sounds not like a bad place to be…words seem to have a life of their own at times..come and go..float like small rivers or rage like a wild ocean… part of the magic i think..


  2. ouch…that bit at the end…when the words dont come it def feels like a betrayal…our muse run off with another poet…when the words come charging back…oh what a feeling…


  3. Oh! It’s good, good, good stuff!
    The way the piece brackets simple phrases like – and I ask myself: What do I know?- comes direct into me! I feel like an honoured poet!

    Good stuff.


  4. Very true what you said in your comment on my post: emphasis and intonation also play a part in understanding the poet’s meaning. That is why I love the new trend of people using sound and reading their poems. Wish I had a better voice.


  5. I love your new blog design!! I really like this piece, especially a tornado of words. It’s so fun to read everyone’s take.


  6. The vulnerability of poetscomes thru this clearly. We open ourselves to that seemingly inhuman incapacity to speak, to express our selves. Some might that is inconsequnential, yet those who can’t kniw how terrible it is not to be able to express your feelings or thoughts. The poet is in the unique position then to experience the common humanity. Your poem reminds usbso well of this humanity.


  7. Excellent elucidation of the flow and blocks that are a writer’s mind. Sometimes the harder we try, the more elusive the words are – as though they’re playing hide and seek. We get a glimpse but if we write those glimpses, the poem is poor. We have to wait for a full revelation. Well written!


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