Yesterday’s Dreams

artwork by Jack Vettriano

I wish you were there…
car-lined street,
key in hand,
coming back to me;
to us and what we were…
Remember the cafe
on Via Roma street?
Where we’d meet
and the circumstance?
that it couldn’t be happenstance
how we met.
“All roads lead to Rome.”
You were home
and home you are to me…
Now to her.
Are you home, dear?
Safe in loving arms?
Arms that were once mine,
then no longer…
But I’m stronger 
now..I hope.
Brushing the cobwebs 
of old memories.
Rapt in Via Roma streets.
Staring through the window of my despair,
reliving yesterday’s dreams.
I wish you were there…

© Day Dreamer  

This is my submission for The Mag – Mag 126.  Please join us!  Don’t forget to leave a comment or two after linking!  See you there! Registered & Protectedhow to do copyright

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