Where the River Speaks

artwork posted by Asta @ weheartit.com

I dreamed of a house by the water,

down near the river’s edge.

Where even the wind was silent;

stilled were the voices in my head.

It was such an odd sensation

and I didn’t know what to feel;

far from my chaotic life;

in this land, oddly surreal.

So I figured I’d enjoy it

under the shade of a nearby tree.

Meditate and listen to

what the river was saying to me.

In a voice no more than a whisper

it recounted tales to me;

arguments of video games

and shoes caught in a tree.

I felt my face frown at first,

sub-consciously of course.

Glanced at my surroundings

and gave a little snort.

Not deterred at all you see,

not even the wind seemed to care!

On went the story-telling

of the tangle of gum and hair.

I surprised myself just then

with the beginnings of a smile.

Gust of wind, a gentle nudge

and I guffawed at the child.

The memory of pouting face

with just a touch of fear.

If not for the fun she’d had,

I’m sure she would have shed a tear.

As the river continuously recounted

things I so often yelled about,

I couldn’t help my reaction

as I laughed and rolled about.

My house is such a curious thing

with distractions of the oddest kind;

not an ounce of reprieve daily.

It’s a wonder I have my mind!

But here things seem less serious

than the punishments I have served.

Out here, such stunts made me laugh

where I would have issued a harsh word.

When the river’s tale was done

and my laughter settled down,

there was a valuable lesson learned.

I love having them around!

For all the insane antics

that cause me to yell so,

I would miss them dearly

if they weren’t around, you know?

The saddest feeling hit me then.

I began to feel quite lonely.

The shade felt way too cold

and the river felt a lot less homey.

Atmosphere shifting, eyes aflutter,

an imp just broke the shutter.

A small grin an outright laugh,

small lips began to stutter.

No matter what the prank and cost,

these distractions are dear to me.

I’d rather this house than the other one,

down where the river speaks.

© Day Dreamer

Also posted at Poetry Jam ~ Rivers of Life, 3WW ~CCLXXXI ~feel;shade;tangle, Theme Thursday ~Distractions, and Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~Bonus Open Link.  Come join us and leave a comment on other posts after linking ❤



50 thoughts on “Where the River Speaks”

  1. It sounds as if the tales the river told were thoroughly enjoyed. Sometimes, I think, we need to sit back and just listen to the ‘rivers’ in our lives. And it does feel good to laugh, doesn’t it? Thanks for participating in Poetry Jam where so many of us are gathering at the river this week.


  2. nice…even your words emulate the river….and it is good to reflect on those things..the things that set us off in the day and how silly they are at times…and then let them go knowing we have tomorrow to do it better….


    1. It’s hard in that moment when you have children fighting and you know you have to be the disciplinarian and teach them that every time is not play time. Then we can come off too harsh…


  3. This was mesmerizing. I wanted to be part of that world and was surprised when you preferred your own house to the one that was magical. Perhaps the experience was the pick me up you needed to face life anew?


  4. I have tried form time to time to find a place and be by myself for real. It takes me quite some time to exorcise the demons (voices in my head) and its strange just how noisy our minds are from the day to day clutter. I identified with this on a very high level…and the missing and loving of what we have is only amplified by being by ourselves. Loved this.


    1. I sit on the beach and listen to the water or go to a waterfall that I know of. As long as the water is loud enough and I can close my eyes…it helps. Thank you for your words.


  5. As a civilization, and I use that word with reservations, we are losing the ability to hear nature, rivers, forests, the wind & rain, when it speaks to us.


  6. Once you become a empty nester and there is no noise because you are alone and hubby is at work, well that is the time that one must either embrace being able to be alone or go crazy with all the silence and alone time. I think it also makes the visits from your children and the grandchildren all the more special. But at the same time it is also great to send them all home. I guess also it is good to fill the nest with animals to which one can talk to and not sound crazy and when hubby comes home and wants to talk and talk and you are the only one there, then you also realize how much the young ones are missed by him. I think the thought of living by a lake is great but then I think I would feel too lonely with no neighbors to cause distractions. I too think I would choose to enjoy the family instead of choosing to be alone. This poem flowed and an enjoyable laughter along with leading one on a ride.

    Thanks for sharing such a cool poem with us at Theme Thursdays distractions.

    God bless.


    1. Thank you so much. I have thought about what it would be like with everyone moving out of the house, but not having experienced it yet, I don’t know how I’d feel. 🙂


  7. i much like the river as a tool that carries part of the own emotions and how it reflects your heart and feelings in this. it feels like this state of subconsciousness, the in between lines that come to the surface


  8. “On went the story-telling
    of the tangle of gum and hair.
    I surprised myself just then
    with the beginnings of a smile.
    Gust of wind, a gentle nudge
    and I guffawed at the child.
    The memory of pouting face
    with just a touch of fear.”

    How I loved reading this poem! Moving from the grin to the guffaw, from relaxing to missing the distractions. You took me with you to the end! Thank God for the mini-vacations that allow you/me to see what we love–and then return.


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