Kiss of Motherhood

Little Kiss by sologratia

She blew me a kiss

and I couldn’t help but stare

at the child in the white bonnet,

with the golden blond hair.

She fit the usual description:

“the cutest little thing”,

except for one irregularity:

her eyes were emerald green.

Now I’ve seen eyes before,

but never such as that!

They read the book of my soul,

discerning fiction from fact.

I’d have given anything I promised,

fulfilled any feasible task.

At that very moment,

all the child need do was ask.

I had an awful urge

to follow wherever she’d lead.

To protect her with my life

and keep her from every misdeed.

How foolish was I to underestimate

the power of such innocence?

I was the one she was protecting,

leading me to all that a Mother is.

Because of her, I was ready.

Motherhood came as no surprise.

I was taught a mother’s love

by the child with the rare green eyes.

© Day Dreamer

Poem prompted by Vice Versa – #9 and Open Link Night ~ Week 55.  Stop by for some great poetry and great company!  Don’t forget, when adding your link to the list, stop by and leave a comment for your fellow poets!  See you there!


47 thoughts on “Kiss of Motherhood”

  1. smiles…this has an enchanting rhythm to it…when we had our kids, my life changed tremendously…and they have taught me much surely…esp how to keep that child alive inside…


  2. my son’s gf is preg, and she wanted to give up the baby, but now she’s getting excited, and the Olympics seems to turn everything, and she wants the baby to be an Olympic Volleyball player. she hasn’t even had the child yet…so i see what you are saying here


  3. Neat meter and rhyme:
    “They read the book of my soul,
    discerning fiction from fact.
    I’d have given anything I promised,
    fulfilled any feasible task.
    At that very moment,
    all the child need do was ask.”
    This feels like a surreal moment to me– hypnosis by a little kiss and a gaze and a falling into care–yours or hers or both.


    1. Both really. I seem to have this bond with children and you can often find me in a crowd of them 🙂 I’m a glutton for punishment so to speak, but they keep me youthful!
      Thank you!


  4. there is a beautiful flow to your words. you captivate as well as those green eyes.

    it truely is amazing–the power of a child’s innocence.


  5. love this… having kids changes us so much…mine are 17, 20 and 21 now…and it’s a giving and taking…surely i taught them things, protected them..but then…vice versa…it’s an adventure that i never want to miss..


  6. Beautifully descriptive poem and sentiment- I don’t have any children – but I can imagine the pull of the maternal/paternal must be incredible to feel


  7. What a captivating piece, I love that the story lays in her innocent perception. My little ones have carved and molded me in a way that I had never known possible. And yes, as soon as they came I was ready. A lovely tribute to accepting motherhood. 🙂


  8. Daydreamer, this is a beautiful poem! Children defnitely have an uncanny way of discerning the difference between fact and fiction. Hard to pull the wool over a child’s eyes. LOL. And, ah, there is nothing like mother love, is there? (Unless it is grandmother love, which I am experiencing now….and I think I appreciate childhood even MORE, if that is possible.) Thanks for supporting and participating in Vice/Versa!


    1. 🙂 Thank you Mary! Children just look at you with clear eyes and if that doesn’t get you, guilt will! It is my pleasure and joy participating in the prompts. Thank you again!


  9. A captivating poem extolling the emotional ties of mothers and daughters – put me in mind of Harry Potter who had his dead mother’s green eyes. The plot of seven books hinged on the love those two sets of eyes held! Lovely poem.


  10. One enchanting piece. I am already in love with the picture, I admit… you made it all the more beautiful by your words. For me, this poem was a lovely read that could be read again and again. Thank you! 🙂


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