It’s Hard To Say

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     I can’t say how I feel at this moment, looking over everything that we’ve been through.  I can’t say when I fell in or out of love with you… I know the text-book answers and the ‘it takes time’ speech.  I know my heart takes time to heal and that the length is different for each.  But the strange part is that I feel no pain, in fact, I feel quite free.  Just not sure what to do with myself.  Forgot how to just be me.  So I will continue on as I have been and smile at each grinning face… Just don’t ask me “how are you feeling?” My answer will be: “It’s hard to say…”

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Posted at Poetry Jam and Imaginary Garden With Real Toads.

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39 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Say”

  1. Nice to hear this read because your voice puts in the cadence that prose poetry does not show on the page. What is neat and unique about this poem is its refreshing tone of discovery which acknowledges that “you” took time and “I” have it back: “But the strange part is that I feel no pain, in fact, I feel quite free. Just not sure what to do with myself.”
    That’s just fine.


  2. Lovely poem. Sounds like you’re describing how one feels right after a break-up, kind of numb, not quite ready to feel the pain and embrace the truth of a loss. It’s the first stage of grief, and healing does take time. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. I do think sometimes it IS hard to say how we feel at a given moment. Perhaps sometimes as well we just don’t want to think about it…..but just LIVE the moment instead.


  4. love the poem and enjoyed your audio post!

    i remember the first night after my ex-husband and i separated ~ i stayed up late watching The Tonight Show in bed, painting my toenails! such freedom! {smile}


  5. I think sometimes that sense of relief when a broken relationship finally ends brings with it such a feeling of freedom. Love the emotional undercurrent going through this. Quite a thought provoking write!


  6. …forgetting how to be oneself… I think we all do that to some extant as loved ones do drain us of so much. BUT, the journey of re-self discovery is very important and rewarding!


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