With Sargent and Wine

Sargent, John Singer, A Dinner Table at Night, 1884

He regaled me yet again!

Stories of his youth.

Fascinating roads

never traveled

but still…

I am weak of will!


by that cad civility!

Proper etiquette for a woman

deems me only speak

when spoken to.


One day…

woman within bids

to say.

Aloud to his proud


“Such a waste!”

Stuck reliving

failures of might!

I’d rather wallow in mud

than hear your plight.”

Until then…

polite smile,

demure grin.

He will continue his tales

whilst I hold my fantasies in…

© Day Dreamer

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34 thoughts on “With Sargent and Wine”

  1. haha…a little of the same thought process for us this week…tired of hearing the same old stories..yes there will come a day…i can only hold that mask for so long…smiles…hope you are having a good week


  2. They didn’t have too much freedom back then, did they and, if they were true free spirits they were classed as whores or insane. Gosh, I feel sad for her having to sit there and endure listening to such a bore. LOL


  3. Hey DD2 , have you just switched to wordpress, it is so user friendly , this image seems to have brought a lot of women face to face with the brutal patriarchy within yet there is no doubt you have the strength of spirit to spurn him ! , thanks


  4. I like that you have so cleverly connected the era of the painting to the social milieu of the time and the proper etiquette for women. I enjoyed the presentation you crafted in columns, that added to the feeling of hampering one’s freedom of expression. Brilliantly put together, Day Dreamer and thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to enjoy my own freedoms. =D


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