Tide of Life

Toss a pebble,

shade eyes,

watch it tremble…

I’m lucky if it skips twice.

This is nice!

Sun shining, cool breeze,

and the water is magnificent!


A long time companion.

I love it here!

Years have made it dear

to my heart.

Where do I start?

It was here that I first swam,

nearly drowned and scared Gram.

We laugh about it now.

Hate that they tore the swings down.

It’s where we played around,

before the divorce.

Of course

the new baby will play here soon.

Maybe in a few years…

Last time Sis was here she cried.

Not long after her husband died…

But its been crowded here of late.

More so than our first date!


We laughed so hard we cried

nearly swept away by the tide!


my goodness I miss such banter!

It’s time to go?

So soon?

But it’s beautiful here!

Turning, brushing at a tear…

© Day Dreamer

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37 thoughts on “Tide of Life”

  1. Ah, you have shared here some beautiful memories, Day Dreamer. There really is nothing like returning to a wonderful old familiar place, is it? Sad because what once was is no more….but the memories are worth the tears!


  2. i love that this is a poem of two parts- the first setting the scene, and presented with beautiful visuals- the second full of not only melancholy…but life! and i guess this is my point…life can be beautifully sad…but also amazing in all its colour- an you pained a great picture here…very personal and full of emotion


    1. Thank you 🙂

      My friend once told me that many of my poems seemed sad and that they came from a dark place. I don’t think so. They come from life and life can be sad at times. Yet it is a happiness that comes with it after the fact, because those sad times, like good ones, help to shape you…


  3. mmm….def different things going on in this…first thing that hit me was the tearing down of playgrounds…that sucks…those tangible memories…enter in divorce…enter in sister…lots of rememberence going on….it is life…it happens…its the bitter and the sweet in one…nicely done…


  4. i enjoyed this poem.. and it was good to hear it read aloud… your own voice brings another beautiful quality to the poem.. i agree with the other comments – it is sad to hear about things being torn down especially when they hold so many treasured memories.


  5. i love how you connect the story to the image of the sea, the waves, the tide of life as i think it is just that… the sad and beautiful lies often so close together.. beautifully penned


  6. I love hearing poems read, I get the real sense of emotion that it contains from the writer, who is invariably the speaker.
    With the accent, the content, the subject, I could listen all day.


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