Life Brew

Coffee beans and brewed coffee by fotolia

wake each morning faithfully
body creaks in discontent
stampeding children… gracefully
breakfast dear?… nod assent
nosy neighbor… circumvent
newspapers boast coming afterlife
coupon clipping… ‘save a cent’

coffee… aroma of my life

©Day Dreamer

Posted for dVerse Poets and Theme Thursday!  Come link with us!



26 thoughts on “Life Brew”

  1. This is good. I have read several of yesterday’s dverse posts and have found myself vastly disappointed (must be in a critical mood this morning… perhaps I need more coffee!) but this one I really enjoyed.


  2. This is interesting as a form – we haven’t talked about caesuras in poetry on #formforall but here you make use of them. They act as your “missing beats” on your seven syllable lines. Throughout you create your own rhythm while not adhering strictly to syllabic count but nevertheless true to your rhyme. It allows a perfect reflection of a morning and stars coffee … one of my favorite things…so well done!


  3. I had thought my comment I wrote last night had posted, but I guess it is lost in cyberspace somewhere or because I had taken my SP, I could have done something strange or written something different then I am thinking I remember. But it also happens when I post on WordPress sometimes things do get lost because I have my sites from there connected with blogger.

    Anyway I think I said that I have only recently discovered the aroma of coffee and I am really beginning to actually like coffee, especially iced coffee. I can see how it is your aroma of life. I need to start clipping coupons but when I did I always forgot to bring them. Good thing I have to go outside to see my neighbors.

    Thanks again for such an aroma filled poem, I really liked the morning flow. It was a nice addition to this weeks Theme Thursday.

    God bless.


    1. I have had that happen to me on WordPress, leaving me searching for words that are lost.

      I prefer iced coffee in most cases. However, it is the hot, strong aroma I need to wake me in the morning 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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