Fallen Angel by MySweetDarkness

The expectation is conformity

entrapment of my love affair with peace

Learned that angel does not equate to innocent

and the fallen may never be free…

©  Day Dreamer

Some of my visitors have mistaken me for another great Daydreamer.  Daydreamertoo can be found at Soul Speak 🙂

Linked over at 3WW and Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!


54 thoughts on “Fallen”

    1. We sometimes break away from tradition as a way of taking control of ourselves or our lives, but sometimes we may fall into the hands of something else that is controlling. Thank you for stopping by Kerry


    1. Great point Bren! Thank you for stopping by!

      Some of our mutual readers have been confusing the two of us, so I thought I’d post your link to clear up the confusion. I hope you don’t mind.


  1. As I read this, I heard a voice inside saying, “Yes. What she said.” What I say is, don’t give in or give up. Being thought of as angelic is not what it’s cracked up to be.


  2. Each will interpret this to reflect their own experiences. And why not? We are more more interesting because of our individuality. Our past has never gone completely.


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