Eye See You

In Your Eyes by Chocolate

They pierced me

cut my soul in two.

Left me swimming

in the depths of you.

Hypnotized by the sighs

and lies…

Hoping in the perception

Kissing the misconception

I guess I knew it wasn’t true

Your soul lay hidden in plain view.

© Day Dreamer

Written for Theme Thursday!  Come link with us!




32 thoughts on “Eye See You”

  1. Usually very trusting and not prone to suspicion, I have recently been fooled by someone’s eyes showing me such interest….Flattered for awhile, I finally realized the manipulation in time…


  2. Sometimes one can get hypnotized by beautiful eyes but then some eyes can lie and it is hard to tell if the eyes belong to someone who believes their lies. True love can be hard to find but once found it is worth all the heartache. All we can do is keep searching and pray it is found.

    Was fun listening to you, and then I reread it again but that time I heard it in my voice or at least the one in my head which sounds nothing like my recorded voice.

    Thanks for sharing a great poem and eye picture for this weeks Theme Thursday. Great listening to you.

    God bless.


  3. You have described the amazing stupidity of unrequited love perfectly: some people choose to be blind to enjoy the moment…, love doesn’t matter when pleasure rules.
    I guess you knew it wasn’t true, but… :)))
    Very well written, especially these two lines:
    Hoping in the perception
    Kissing the misconception.


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