Autumn Brings

Pumpkin Season by Silkest on

Laughter and Thanksgiving

Homage to the dead

Touchdowns running

Free throws just ahead

Family and friends gather

in tradition and beliefs

Such inspiration

in the falling of leaves

© Day Dreamer

Linked at dVerse poets, where we are celebrating Autumn!


28 thoughts on “Autumn Brings”

  1. Beautiful photograph you shared here! Yes, inspiration in the falling of leaves is something I find too. Perhaps it is because we know it will shortly be finished for another year that we look around at nature and appreciate it SO very much! I enjoyed your poem and the rhyme of it.


  2. Captures all the things I love about Autumn..funny, coz it feels like the height of summer in the UK right now …. But after reading this, I want it to get colder!


  3. You certainly capture the joys of our season. Fall has such a way of drawing us together – those three holidays that mean so much – for the kids, for the family, for our spirits..all nearly and succinctly brought together here!


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