Beauty Evolved


I Am Beautiful by Arto-Fao-Chao

Revolution in evolution

deemed us worthy.

Only the strong survive.

Revolution in attribution

deemed us curvy.

Beauty constantly redefined.

© Day Dreamer

Posted for dVerse Poets and Sunday Scribblings!



18 thoughts on “Beauty Evolved”

  1. i would be pleased with redefinition of beauty…i think that we have pinged back and forth to extremes and sadly the stick figures are ruing the day right now, but i gotta say its just not me…i rahter like the curves…smiles.


    1. Brian, I have to say that I have a consistent argument with my partner about this. I believe beauty is within a person’s personality, but I am not under the opinion that viewing rib cages through skin is pretty.

      Thank you for stopping by!


  2. the social definition of beauty changes with the decades. true beauty is felt. the youngest humans know it, and as we live here long enough, we again remember how to recognize what is real beauty and what is masquerading as beauty. thanks for the reminder.


  3. I adore this! There was a spoken word poet a year or so ago who did the most amazing poem called (I think) “Pretty” – and ultimately it was about was about how sick she was of girls being told how pretty their hair was, their eyes, their bodies etc. and she goes on and on about how wrong we are to bring up our children this way … the end of the poem has her saying that when her daughters get around to asking her, “Mama – am I pretty?” – what she intends to say (and I’m paraphrasing since it was some time ago, but this is the gist) “Yes my love – you are pretty clever, you are pretty nice, and you are pretty well able to do anything you set your mind to and don’t you ever forget it!” Great poem.


  4. i worry about my teenage granddaughter’s self-image. fortunately, she doesn’t have an eating disorder, but she does feel she’s “overweight” when in reality she is voluptuous. i actually used a reproduction of a Vincent van Gogh painting of a nude woman in my post today because i liked that she wasn’t stick thin.


    1. Thank you Dani! Self-image is a real concern in society, not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren. It is a struggle to keep reminding them that they are beautiful inside and out, without them thinking that beauty is based on hair, clothes, or size.


    1. Thank you so much Kiana! I believe is has been redefined for both male and female…maybe not as drastically for men, but still. I read somewhere about male anorexia becoming more prevalent.


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