Photograph by Truly Scrumptious on Tumblr.com




his conversation led to a love

hinged on lethal obsession

a sad tale of a friend’s need

for everlasting possession


© Day Dreamer


Not a true story.  Simply playing around with words and pictures.  Find this poem also posted for 3WW and Theme Thursday!  Hope to see you there!



24 thoughts on “Obsession”

  1. the way i read it {three times} it seems to work that either one of them could be the one with the obsession, yes?

    it’s a great write about what can turn into a really dangerous situation.


  2. So was he the one who wanted to possess or was she the one who wanted to possess because of his conversation. But the first time I read it I almost thought the friend was a male friend. So this could have gone three ways, I think I was having a conversation with myself, LOL. I need to shut the brain down and go to bed.

    Thanks for sharing this with us for this weeks Conversation Theme Thursday. I had fun trying to figure it out.

    God bless.


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