No Good

Hidden by IMustBeDead
Hidden by IMustBeDead

I know you’re not good for me.

I know one day soon I’ll lie alone in my bed,

crying a story to the only one who will listen sympathetically…

my pillow,

because everyone else told me so.

I know you mean me no good.

I know one day soon I’ll be standing somewhere

trying to remember what I liked when it was just me…

before I cared what you didn’t;

before your appetite became my only goal.

I know you’ll break my heart.

I know today that you love another,

and that your heart no longer loves me.

And yet

I keep reaching for the pain your arms bring…


It’s all I’ve come to know.

© Daydreamer



34 thoughts on “No Good”

  1. Intense. Beautiful pouring of sorrows. I can see her hand, white knuckled, gripping the last thin thread of what remains. Him walking away. Her life unraveling. Sad. I really experienced this piece. Well done!



      1. Are you currently writing any book? I want to tag you…I mean, it’s an opportunity to promote your upcoming book and say a few things about it.


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