Elegant Seduction

Long Goodnight Kiss
Long Goodnight Kiss



Shadowed secrets

roam sidewalks… questioning.

Begging permission… forbidden fruit…

Yes or no? Enticed seduction

tastes the whispers of your lips.

Curves shimmer, flames in darkness. Embarrass innocence…

Beguiling wiles backfire, missed the long goodnight kiss.

Lady in red seduces, but still holds herself elegant.


This piece is submitted to Yes or No3WW CCCXV, Secrets, Verse First ~ One Word At a Time, “A” List Toads, and OpenLinkNight ~ Week 82.  Come see what the fun is all about!


92 thoughts on “Elegant Seduction”

    1. Thank you so much! I really do! I can be oblivious to a lot of things, but if I walk into a room and the picture is different from the previous one in my mind’s eye, I know something has changed. 🙂


  1. I see a woman older than the one in the picture when I experience this piece. Some beauty faded, some stolen, yet her elegance is fair traded for her loss. I even imagined her home. What I read is only a fraction of the world and character you have created. Marvelous!
    ~The Keeper


  2. Oh if we all only looked like that then we would have a world full of seductresses. And I think there would be a world full of men who enjoyed being seduced. I loved your poem and truly women in red can be the greatest seductresses of them all. There is just something about the color red such as how a red car seems to seduce men too.

    Thank you for sharing such great words to go with a wonderful picture for this weeks Theme Thursday. May your weekend be filled with lots of seductive pictures of which we are the beneficiaries.

    God bless.


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