I Remember…

Artwork by Joseph Lorusso
Artwork by Joseph Lorusso

I remember your cologne and the way it made me feel.

I remember how the scent lingered for hours,

reminding me that I was yours;

that I had experienced some semblance of passion!


as in one hundred degrees and rising!

I remember…


I remember sneaking home all those nights.

I remember the rampage dad went on when caught;

reminding me how cumbersome it was to have parents.

Too many years before adulthood and freedom.


Three years and counting!

I remember…


I remember the first ring you gave me.

I remember how committed we were,

reminding me of all the years I spent chasing;

good fun-loving years, yearning…


It’s all I really wanted.

I remember…


I remember the years of broken promises.

I remember the wasted youth,

reminding me how many nights were spend grounded;

just for a few extra moments with you.


morbid,I know,

but I remember…




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51 thoughts on “I Remember…”

  1. ha. i remember some interesting times as a teen and counting down the years to freedom…sneaking out…messing around…fun loving…yeah that for sure…smiles…thanks for the memories…


  2. …a painful reminiscence… perhaps memories of love are mostly like this… but maybe love are meant to hurt for us to know that love existed not to be just taken for granted but rather to take seriously and with all sincerity… that’s when love cares and lasts… smiles…


  3. I do so remember the sacrifices of youth for that wonderful Brute or Old Spice scented young man I was eventually to marry.

    Lovely memories of when I sacrificed a little of who I had molded myself to be – so I could incorporate my handsome one into my life.

    Anna :o]


  4. Ah, you brought back that time of youth so vividly. I enjoyed the recollections, and they make me think that it is a wonder we survived youth at all. Smiles. Thanks for taking part in Poetry Jam!


  5. It is funny how some scents can bring back so many memories, some good and some not so good. Sometimes it is truly a wonder that we did survive those times. Even now it is a wonder that we are still surviving and making new memories. Geez, I am trying to remember what was the name of the cologne that my hubby used to wear and for the life of me I cannot. Yup, my mind is already going somewhere I dare not think about, or maybe I cannot remember where it is going……oh well.

    Thanks again for sharing such wonderful thoughts with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you are having a better scent filled weekend of youthful memories than I am. It is funny how we turn into a version of our parents once we have children. We become the protectors we once resented.

    God bless.


  6. I wasn’t expecting the middle and end as i read the first stanza. Wonderfully done. I am so taken in with the scents of my loves and ready to spend a life time with that scent. ๐Ÿ™‚ Truth is a lot of times we spend so many years on unrequited love. Sad…but a true story.


  7. This had me remembering my first boyfriend and how the smell of him drove me nuts. I could smell the Stetson…was I really ever that young? Very cool write. I also liked the repetition of “remember”.


  8. Oh, Day Dreamer… when your passion seeks to journey I feel only blessed that I am gifted the opportunity to stow away and experience at least some of your wonders.
    “I remember…”
    It hit me like my head was inside a great church bell as noontime was tolled…each syllable booming, resonating…
    Memories are our precious, precious resource. The brain is “fire and forget”, it is OUR SOUL that remembers sacrifice, love, enrichment, the beginning…
    Beautiful piece, Day Dreamer! You have such a power to bring one into your EXPERIENCE. That’s why I love to come here, and I always will. Oh how you let me travel!
    -Your biggest fan.

    ~The Keeper


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