Spider Trumps Swim


it was a glorious day outside

no school and plenty of heat

we packed sand toys and towels

and rode off to the beach

only we argued over swimming

that my fear must be beat

Daddy glimpsed the sand suddenly

a tarantula lay near his feet

as his scream subsided

we exchanged naught but a look

I grinned from ear to ear

knowing I was off the hook


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40 thoughts on “Spider Trumps Swim”

  1. This was a pure delight. It conjured up fun family memories for me of our days at the beach when I was a child and my father was larger than life.


  2. haha nice…smiles…fear must be beat….i was going to say i might be a bit more scared of the tarantula …but then again, there is much power in the water….nice write…


  3. Ooh, you won that round alright!
    Nifty versification for the “outside” prompt. I could imagine the trip to the beach, the sand, the water, everything except the tarantula (I didn’t see one until I was about 40).
    One of my brothers wouldn’t learn to swim because he was enjoying himself in the water, just horsing around. Then he decided he wanted to be a diver. He started with beginners’ lessons and went right up through Junior Red Cross, all in one summer, because he had a reason.


  4. …aww.. if i was there i will surely die… arachnids are too big a-fear for me… just wonder how did it get there? & why? smiles… this was fun bit creepy… smiles… happy sunday!


  5. SC has dying jellyfish that wash ashore at certain times – yes, the beach has many things to be fearful and swimming is not the least of them. ha This was really an adorable poem. (and it reads like it really happened! – as I’m sure it did) Love the “we exchanged naught but a look
    ” cute, very cute.


  6. Hallo einen guten Tag ja wenn es hier in Köln auch mal wärmer würde ach das wär schön einen wundervollen Mittwoch wünscht dir Klaus und sei herzlichst gegrüßt :


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