She laughs as she blows bubbles.
Orbs that form worlds in her eyes
Yet does not realize
Thoughts have power;
Every minute, every hour,
Every dream she imagines
Comes true
And in that second
She forms a reality
Where laughter…
Is all we need.
In that moment,
Even adults around her see.
Newness and possibility,
Creation and wonder,
And they start to dream.
Some hold on…
Change… Subtlely…
And some go back
To this world’s troubles
And forget….
Watching her laugh and blow bubbles
Orbs that formed worlds in their eyes.
Just too adult to realize
Their thoughts have power.

© Daydreamer


Also posted for Poets United!  Come join in!


35 thoughts on “Bubbles”

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Brian! Always a pleasure to know your thoughts!

      It has been a while, but I’m coming back slowly. Lots of changes, but I’m still a dreamer! Hugs!


  1. Your words reminded me of a friend, a mother and grandmother, who greeted the dawn by sitting on her front porch steps blowing bubbles until her yard was covered in sparkling worlds that passer byes had to slow down and gape at. She and I have always shared the healing medicine of laughter. Thank you,



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