Life Swim

Photo by Elena Kalis
Photo by Elena Kalis



adjectives used to describe a life
“I’m going swimming”
an irrational, yet distinct cry
for help
she thought it was all she’d need
but they gave no heed
they thought she just needed to find herself
blurred perception
if corrected, could have saved a life
floating by



Posted for Poetic Visions3WW CCCXLIII, Peace, Mag 182, and Meeting the Bar: Getting Tight (in here).  Please join in the fun and comment after linking!




16 thoughts on “Life Swim”

  1. I think so many people cry out for help in their life and either no one hears them or no one cares. Then when something happens to the person or the person does something drastic for attention, everyone says they had no idea that any of this was going on. You are so right about about people just floating on by while others pay no attention. Sometimes just a simple smile and an hello can make so much difference in someone’s life. Just letting them know that you care enough to make an effort to do this for them can make them feel just a bit better. I know some people hate getting or giving hugs, but a hug truly does make one feel better. Hugs can make one feel peaceful and relaxed, especially if they are from someone you love.

    Thank you for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I like the picture and the reflections and hope one always gets out of the pool to enjoy the simple things in life. Hope you have a peaceful and relaxing week with lots of people listening to each other.

    God bless.


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