What Do You See?

Mirror Mirror by LaraKim
Mirror Mirror by LaraKim

People say…

eyes are the mirror to the soul.

They hold

all that is buried within this shell.

So, you stare…

and what do you find there?

Exactly what do you see

when you look at me?

Do you see the places I’ve been?

The flames burning within…

this shell…

this Hell…


What is it

within me?

You see, I don’t know.

All I see is the turmoil I’ve been through,

the problems that ensue,

the pain I’ve caused,

and the hurt that paused


I can’t see past the external things

that caused the turmoil within.

Tell me…

Is my soul black

from the world that I let seep in?

Is it white from good intentions within?

Please tell me, for I am blind

and not knowing is causing me to die!

Look at me!

What do you see?




17 thoughts on “What Do You See?”

  1. it is hard….we often see ourselves in a much different light when we look in the mirror…much more critical eye than others at times….and our experiences and our foibles also play a huge part in how we see ourselves…..def have to reprogram our thoughts at times…

    good to see you…smiles.


  2. Very nice work. I think we see different things when we look at ourselves than what others see when they look at us. It is as if we wear a mask for the outside world sometimes.


  3. I do think it is interesting to see how another person sees us, and we often DO wonder if others see in us the same thing as we see in ourselves. Your poem is thought-provoking. Lots of depth to contemplate.


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