Poor On Sale

Homeless by skull
Homeless by skull


We live in a world of barter and trade.

Selling souls of the future to survive today.

Gave away hopes and dreams for American Pie.

Traded morals and truth for technology and lies.

Modern day slavery has our kids.

Working poor sold to the highest credit company bid.

Leaders spend billions to save foreign stock,

then scream broke and place America on the auction block.

Poverty lines lower than hell,

so what happens when there’s nothing left to sell?

Price of rent rises, nowhere to live.

Built more Enterprises, too corrupt to give.

American elections vote “Executives, come take a seat.”

Middle class protests: “Two jobs and can’t eat!”

No compassion lies in the hearts of these men.

Logic asks: “Break the people, who is left to line your pockets then?”


3 thoughts on “Poor On Sale”

  1. hard truth in your social commentery….i lived below the line for years…even now just over it…what happens when there is none left to take from…well they will just produce more babies for the poor i imagine….

    hey its been like forever…smiles…hope you are doing well…


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