Reading Me…

a unknown_source_

Sober command to a shattered heart.
I am trying to read.
Pensive gaze transfixed,
content with chocolate in hand,
staring into the looking-glass of my own words…
I am trying to read.
“Evolve, Dear Heart,
Stay your course.
Steer your soul toward solitude.
The coming world is a lonely place for the chaotic.”
“Breathe, eat your reesecup and live vividly,
as if your dreams had come alive,
because they will.
His loving proposal will come in 2018.
Avoid the convention to choose differently than I did.”
“Listen to your inner voice and meditate.
It will help to prepare for losing our job in 2022,
but the transition to editor will be smoother.
P.S. the weight gain wasn’t caused by the chocolate!
It was stress, so be mindful of that too!
Sober command to a fragmented mind…
I am trying to comprehend.
Would I listen and prepare?
In that moment, if known in advance…
looking into my destiny,
mirrored by my own words…
Last bit of reesecup… song coming to an end…
All thoughts finally silent…
Time for sleep
and silently tossed the letter aside.


This poem posted for Loneliness / Solitude3WW Week No. 415Theme Thursday for February 12, 2015 – SWEETSPoets United Midweek Motif ~ Glass(es)The Tuesday PlatformMag 258, and Poetics: A poem from the future.

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58 thoughts on “Reading Me…”

  1. ha. interesting presentation…the future self wanting to share important events and encouragement…the present self unsure they want to know…or trying to shush them…i wonder…i just told dkirk that i would not want to know…it would rob me of the ability to change…but i will take a reeses cup…peanut butter and chocolate is YUM! ha

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  2. Interesting to think about whether we would do things differently if we knew in advance what could be around the corner….but, sigh, if we did know what was around the corner (such as the proposal in 2018) would we really have the power to change anything anyway??? It seems all would have been predetermined. But….thinking outside of the scope of your poem….I don’t think I would like to know what happens next in my life. If there are good things, I want to be surprised. If there is tragedy, I want to be able to enjoy the moments before rather than knowing the inevitable. Thought-provoking fare.

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  3. “The looking glass of my own words”! A letter to yourself from the future? I love the ruminations your poem shows and then the toss. I’ve found we may have to do this from the other end too–best laid plans, so to speak. Some flexibility opens amazing possibilities!

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  4. Looking forward not knowing the future is exciting, but what if that was not the case? Surely life would lose its thrill? I loved the way you constructed this but at the same time remembered lives in the past when there was no future or hope of change.

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  5. The future self messing up with the past is a double-edged sword. The effect can be anything! I like the present self trying to stop its own future from saying too much. I wonder how the story will change –after the information shared by the future self? Will it change its own past and start an alternative path when this future self visiting this present will not exist anymore?

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  6. wonderful words surfacing from the depth of the being…inner voice is the gift & bliss of solitude and it sometimes works like prophecy…it’s good that a fragmented mind is paying heed to the in depth wisdom…enjoyed this journey…

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  7. What a fantastic piece…i could feel it tight like a sheet wrapped around her body and her thoughts…was it also in response to the letter to future self prompt? I wanted to try that but got too scared..brilliant write!

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  8. My grandmother used to believe in fortune tellers. I always resisted listening to any. The future is the future because it is unknown. I like it like that. I’d tell that letter to shhh too.


  9. The commands you give yourself here are such a unique response to the prompt. Let me read, let me read… Sometimes that’s all that matters. This is how we learn to think and dream. Beautifully composed.

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