When you dream of me…

Years of my life were spent writing other people’s’ stories or creating characters other people wanted to see.  Finally, someone poked holes in my plot and made me realize that a story written for others never comes to a conclusion.  So now I write for me.  A new year, a new dream, and a new beginning to the story of a daydreamer that sees too much, cares too much, and bleeds too much into this story we call life.

Professional writer, public speaker, content creator, business and grant writing.

Contact: adaydreamerdreams@gmail.com

I live my life in fragments. Dreaming pieces to a puzzle that may one day be complete…


depictions by the rule of thirds; descriptions mostly freestyle words

Charmed Chaos

Musings on Life, Love, and Linguine-Poetry & Writing

HA's Place

the lived experiences and musings of an organic, home-grown poet


I dont have the answers, just a lot of questions.

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Musings and books from a grunty overthinker

Be Inspired..!!

Listen to your inner self..it has all the answers..


Sharing Poetry and Hugs

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