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#Itis2016 and America is #Notokay



I promised myself I would NOT do this.  Swore I would leave scummy politics in the trash, avoid horrifying news coverage, and cleanse myself of media BULLSHIT all at once!  The year 2001 witnessed my oath for a more awakened and less mind-controlled existence and yet… here I am!  I HATE to watch the news!  I have ACTIVELY avoided all printed, televised, tweeted, and posted news, gleaning my current events knowledge from “small talk” and friends who insist I “NEED TO KNOW.”  Of course, someone would have to be dead in order to not know the state of hot mess the United States of America is in today!

We all should know by now, that the media is twisted to tell only what the highest priced bidder wants you to know, from the angle they want you to know it, and with the level of intensity they want you to feel it.  Therefore, I said I would not get involved and keep my opinions to myself.  However, at this moment, the blood squirting out of my mouth from the force of biting my tongue is more than I can bear.  I must get this shit off my chest and make my opinion known even if it is just to the unwilling WordPress and my ever-faithful spell-checker.  So my question is WHAT THE FUCKWhat are we doing, why are we doing it, and what made us think that it was somehow okay?  Finally, HOW DO WE MAKE IT STOP?!!!

Okay Daydreamer, stop, breathe, and relax…  NO!!!!!  We have obviously done more than enough of that!  Hell, I do not even know where to start!  So how about I start with the fact that Donald Trump is running for president!  I mean, if I am completely honest with myself, I knew the isms were not dead and gone.  I guess part of me wanted to pretend that at some point, the isms would quietly dissipate, and we could enjoy some semblance of the American pie at a table where people from every race, sexuality, gender, religion, etc could make it through a meal without someone voicing a stupid stereotype.

Yet, it is 2016 and every momentous step forward we have taken in the tolerance arena has gone out the window with this campaign and we are right back in the cotton-picking era.  I do not believe that it is a coincidence that at the same time black people start being killed indiscriminately in the streets, a publicly racist individual like Donald trump is running for president and has AVID followers!  Come on!  What type of place do we live in where three black community organizers: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi have to distinguish that #blacklivesmatter?

In a country that forces Christianity down our throats at every turn, what happened to “Love thy neighbor as thyself?”Show me where it is written that killing for being black was okay?  Donald Trump is a woman-hating, white-supremacist bully.  He is a drama queen, sexual predator that thrives on attention and fear.  As with all bullies, he has his pack and they are feeding off each other!  The hate is growing!  My question to his supporters is, who do you think is next?

The nature of a bully is to torment people.  Let us say that he rids your precious united states of all gays, lesbians, and all races except whites.  He is going to need and want someone to bully.  Which white group of people will it be next, because it will not stop!  The culture that has been in existence quietly is now being openly perpetuated and I am sorry.  People are getting fed up!  Blacks are waking up and starting to take care of their own.  Native Americans are taking a stand.  Michael Luo started the #its2016 campaign after experiencing blatant racial comments.

Donald trump does not stop at building his wall to keep other races away, but he attacks women as well!  After his demeaning remarks about women, Kelly Oxford began the #notokay campaign to show the millions of women who are subjected to predatory behavior by men like trump on countless occasions.  Side note, as a lesbian this offends me on multiple levels.  First, when men encounter a lesbian, their first statement is “why, did you get raped before?  Is that why?”  This tells me that they know this is more than a common occurrence and that somehow they believe there is nothing wrong with it.  Second, this screams that to them, being lesbian means there must have been something that happened to cause it.  Like it is a choice or something that is caused, like a disease.  Lastly, the nonchalant manner in which they say it, tells me that they feel no remorse that this is something that happens to women daily!

So in trumps perfect world, he has gotten rid of all the unwanted, now what?  Who is left to work in the fields, pay the taxes he does not, and torment as less than?  All I can say is that bullies have been proven cowards.  Donald trump is no different.  Sadly, there is more on the line than just whether or not we particularly care for Donald trump.  Races, Genders, Gays, Trans, and women, are all on the line in this election.  Vote for what is just!