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Sleeping with Ghost II V2 by Martyna Adela Dziekan

We filter dreams

through society’s cracked lens

hoping it lends


Insight into a world

tinged with pessimistic eyes.

Weaving between lines

of individual and acceptable.

Childhood hopes twisted

differences augmented

in that stained glass window

pa(i)ned glass window

Colored with tears

of a thousand lifetimes

lifelines sewn intricately askew

“The world is a melting pot”

Only it’s not

It’s a ball

bouncing on the ring

of disillusionment

held captive in chains

of indifference

But the young create where we demolish

they see with optimistic eyes

They are what we once were

what we shall be again

They filter our dreams through love’s rose lens

hoping it lends


© Day Dreamer

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