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Tears Write This Story

Tears write this story left unspoken.

My heart won’t let me utter the words.

For I could not believe the damage done

To one,

Once innocent.

I thought I left you so you could benefit,

From love from life.

All the things I was running from

And I never realized

You thought I was running from you.

Years have passed, times have changed

And yet we are stuck

In limbo, searching, seeking…

For what?

Tears lay between us.

A wall erected for protection

From a world that kept us fighting.

Too blind to see that the wall

Is me and we are fighting ourselves.

Better yet each other, for you

Are a portion of me. The me I

Was running from and didn’t know it.

Loved you too much to stay. Somehow

Hurt wouldn’t let me show it.

Too blind, too much time

And yet the words are not here to explain.

I’m still lost but no longer running.

Will things ever be the same?

Little sister, the sigh escapes my lips

And I pause.

Wait, they say time heals all wounds.

Maybe it’s too soon.

I find myself rambling. Tears write the

Story and they won’t cease.

They speak of times past and a

Possible future.

Three sisters ripped apart,

Still trying to find their way back

To life,

To love,

To each other.

Past that wall erected by me.

I was blind now I see.

I find myself rambling,

Words my heart won’t let me speak.

So many tears, let them write my story

For me.

© Daydreamer

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