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I thought of you today.  Normally, you sit just on the edge of memory, slightly out of reach.  Barely a shadow, yet tangible enough to teach.  You remind me of a lesson it took too long to learn or match left way too long to burn.  You take me back to that victim of before, scarred for your love and craving more.  You were the drug and I was your addict.  Well, you know what they say about old habits…

I thought about you today and I caught myself dreaming…

You are the drug that I am no longer fiending… 


Sleeping with Ghost II V2 by Martyna Adela Dziekan

We filter dreams

through society’s cracked lens

hoping it lends


Insight into a world

tinged with pessimistic eyes.

Weaving between lines

of individual and acceptable.

Childhood hopes twisted

differences augmented

in that stained glass window

pa(i)ned glass window

Colored with tears

of a thousand lifetimes

lifelines sewn intricately askew

“The world is a melting pot”

Only it’s not

It’s a ball

bouncing on the ring

of disillusionment

held captive in chains

of indifference

But the young create where we demolish

they see with optimistic eyes

They are what we once were

what we shall be again

They filter our dreams through love’s rose lens

hoping it lends


© Day Dreamer

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I am a daydreamer.  People say nothing comes of it.
That answers are not found in the stars
but in scars that reality leaves for us.
Only things you can touch.
But that contradicts
what you told me when I was six.
Didn't you tell me to follow my dreams?
I can't touch them now but soon,
Momma please.
Let me daydream a little longer.
I don't want to be enslaved at night
by those fancies of flight
that only come in my unconscious state.
Because I can't move and have to wait.
Wait for morning and I forget
what they were. My mind resets.
Programmed to the stereotype that I have to
do things a certain way to be accepted. Patterned
into the design some other daydreamer concepted
and realized.
I am a daydreamer.  I want to dream awake
and not wait
to do something about it.
Take what I see
and what's within me
to change the world.
I know Momma I'm just a girl,
but I can do it. One dream at a time,
with one word or rhyme.
Pisces are escapists and idealistic they say.
But Thomas Edison and Bill Gates were described that way.
"Frank Lloyd Wright daydreamed so intensely
that his uncle had to shout at him to get him back."
Can't you see Momma? For me it's like that.
I think in pictures and feel things.
Books read like rhyme and I touch themes.
It's not something I became.
I was born this way.
I want to be free Momma.
I don't want to fight.
Please understand I dream
and realize them by day,
so I can rest easy at night.