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Skeleton Key


When I met you, something clicked.
Like a skeleton key in an old lock, slow but sure.
Only it opened a door
to a room not ready to be lived in.
Dust of the past lay heavy in nooks that lay forgotten.
Cobwebs clung to keepsakes
kept locked away far too long.
Still, I let the light in.
I dusted the areas I was allowed to reach
and left a few flowers in my wake.
I wear that key, close to my heart,
in the hope that one day I may call it home.
I stop by to dust when I’m asked,
but one day I fear,
this key will become a key to nowhere.

@ Daydreamer

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Photo by Eric Malone

I am missing a place kissed by sunlight

where rays dance on stone walls of opportunity

birthing place of inspiration and dreams

maybe the thought is more appealing than reality

memories written in pencil rather than ink

drops of water in the ever changing waters of life

i am missing a place kissed by sunlight

where friends laugh and family gathers

somewhere there is a place called home

and i am sick



Yesterday’s Dreams

artwork by Jack Vettriano

I wish you were there…
car-lined street,
key in hand,
coming back to me;
to us and what we were…
Remember the cafe
on Via Roma street?
Where we’d meet
and the circumstance?
that it couldn’t be happenstance
how we met.
“All roads lead to Rome.”
You were home
and home you are to me…
Now to her.
Are you home, dear?
Safe in loving arms?
Arms that were once mine,
then no longer…
But I’m stronger 
now..I hope.
Brushing the cobwebs 
of old memories.
Rapt in Via Roma streets.
Staring through the window of my despair,
reliving yesterday’s dreams.
I wish you were there…

© Day Dreamer  

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