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Kiss Me

Seductive Brunette
Seductive Brunette


Kiss me… here.

Kiss me… like

the girl you knew

on the playground,

following all the rules,

never crossing the line,

forever on time…

Sweet.  Innocent…

like Daddy used to say.

Used to…



Kiss me… here.

Kiss me like

I have a job

somewhere important.

Forced to hobnob

behind a desk.

Never rests…

hard worker.

I wish it were that way.

I wish…



Kiss me… here.

Kiss me like

the nerd in school,

aceing math tests,

memorizing science rules…

Asked to tutor or help cheat.

Happily labeled geek.


I remember those days.

I remember…



Kiss me… here.

Kiss me like

my ink doesn’t bother you.

Like it doesn’t redefine

who I am and who you knew.

It is a declaration,

not a petition for segregation.


that’s what I thought they’d say.

I thought…



Kiss me… here.

Kiss me like

you can’t see the speech at my side.

Forget the images on my arms and thighs.

They yell loudly, but so do I…

My body’s a canvas on which I write

screaming don’t judge, except by what’s inside!

I’m the same as I was back then.

Still seeking approval.

Called tramp instead of geek these days.





Kiss me… here.

Kiss me like

you remember when it was you and me…

like the person I am inside

and not the person you see.

Help me to make my statement to the world!

How many times can I say: I’m the same girl?!

I want the same rights as everyone else —

great job, treated nice…

I never knew tattoos on me would change them in any way




Just kiss me…. here.



Elegant Seduction

Long Goodnight Kiss
Long Goodnight Kiss



Shadowed secrets

roam sidewalks… questioning.

Begging permission… forbidden fruit…

Yes or no? Enticed seduction

tastes the whispers of your lips.

Curves shimmer, flames in darkness. Embarrass innocence…

Beguiling wiles backfire, missed the long goodnight kiss.

Lady in red seduces, but still holds herself elegant.


This piece is submitted to Yes or No3WW CCCXV, Secrets, Verse First ~ One Word At a Time, “A” List Toads, and OpenLinkNight ~ Week 82.  Come see what the fun is all about!

Kiss of Motherhood

Little Kiss by sologratia

She blew me a kiss

and I couldn’t help but stare

at the child in the white bonnet,

with the golden blond hair.

She fit the usual description:

“the cutest little thing”,

except for one irregularity:

her eyes were emerald green.

Now I’ve seen eyes before,

but never such as that!

They read the book of my soul,

discerning fiction from fact.

I’d have given anything I promised,

fulfilled any feasible task.

At that very moment,

all the child need do was ask.

I had an awful urge

to follow wherever she’d lead.

To protect her with my life

and keep her from every misdeed.

How foolish was I to underestimate

the power of such innocence?

I was the one she was protecting,

leading me to all that a Mother is.

Because of her, I was ready.

Motherhood came as no surprise.

I was taught a mother’s love

by the child with the rare green eyes.

© Day Dreamer

Poem prompted by Vice Versa – #9 and Open Link Night ~ Week 55.  Stop by for some great poetry and great company!  Don’t forget, when adding your link to the list, stop by and leave a comment for your fellow poets!  See you there!