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Reading Me…

a unknown_source_

Sober command to a shattered heart.
I am trying to read.
Pensive gaze transfixed,
content with chocolate in hand,
staring into the looking-glass of my own words…
I am trying to read.
“Evolve, Dear Heart,
Stay your course.
Steer your soul toward solitude.
The coming world is a lonely place for the chaotic.”
“Breathe, eat your reesecup and live vividly,
as if your dreams had come alive,
because they will.
His loving proposal will come in 2018.
Avoid the convention to choose differently than I did.”
“Listen to your inner voice and meditate.
It will help to prepare for losing our job in 2022,
but the transition to editor will be smoother.
P.S. the weight gain wasn’t caused by the chocolate!
It was stress, so be mindful of that too!
Sober command to a fragmented mind…
I am trying to comprehend.
Would I listen and prepare?
In that moment, if known in advance…
looking into my destiny,
mirrored by my own words…
Last bit of reesecup… song coming to an end…
All thoughts finally silent…
Time for sleep
and silently tossed the letter aside.


This poem posted for Loneliness / Solitude3WW Week No. 415Theme Thursday for February 12, 2015 – SWEETSPoets United Midweek Motif ~ Glass(es)The Tuesday PlatformMag 258, and Poetics: A poem from the future.

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Life Swim

Photo by Elena Kalis
Photo by Elena Kalis



adjectives used to describe a life
“I’m going swimming”
an irrational, yet distinct cry
for help
she thought it was all she’d need
but they gave no heed
they thought she just needed to find herself
blurred perception
if corrected, could have saved a life
floating by



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I Remember…

Artwork by Joseph Lorusso
Artwork by Joseph Lorusso

I remember your cologne and the way it made me feel.

I remember how the scent lingered for hours,

reminding me that I was yours;

that I had experienced some semblance of passion!


as in one hundred degrees and rising!

I remember…


I remember sneaking home all those nights.

I remember the rampage dad went on when caught;

reminding me how cumbersome it was to have parents.

Too many years before adulthood and freedom.


Three years and counting!

I remember…


I remember the first ring you gave me.

I remember how committed we were,

reminding me of all the years I spent chasing;

good fun-loving years, yearning…


It’s all I really wanted.

I remember…


I remember the years of broken promises.

I remember the wasted youth,

reminding me how many nights were spend grounded;

just for a few extra moments with you.


morbid,I know,

but I remember…




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Sick Woman, 1665, by Jan Steen

Friends and loved ones from miles around

sent healers and priests both insane and sound

to heal my ailment and bid death depart

but sadly, there is no cure for a broken heart.

© Day Dreamer

My post for Mag 138 and Poetry Pantry – #118.  Come link up with us! Hope to see you there!

Yesterday’s Dreams

artwork by Jack Vettriano

I wish you were there…
car-lined street,
key in hand,
coming back to me;
to us and what we were…
Remember the cafe
on Via Roma street?
Where we’d meet
and the circumstance?
that it couldn’t be happenstance
how we met.
“All roads lead to Rome.”
You were home
and home you are to me…
Now to her.
Are you home, dear?
Safe in loving arms?
Arms that were once mine,
then no longer…
But I’m stronger 
now..I hope.
Brushing the cobwebs 
of old memories.
Rapt in Via Roma streets.
Staring through the window of my despair,
reliving yesterday’s dreams.
I wish you were there…

© Day Dreamer  

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