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Writers Write…

At least that’s what they tell me. At least that is what I remember. Eccentric seamstress knitting together times and places. A magician creating reality from daydreams. It has been a while since I have bled. Years since my heart poured into a keyboard and I deemed it worth the pain.

immortal     Pain… I used to joke that my poetry came from a dark place, that my best words were tears I thought no one would ever see. Now, I’m not so sure. I have happy moments. Have memories turned melodies and dried in ink, but do I deem them worth the smile, the laughter, the immortality of a paragraph?

Some may argue that happiness is fleeting. That it deserves remembrance. That it deserves to be savored and set in the stone of books that line shelves for future generations. But happiness has always been–at least for me–a battle. Beauty found in a dying Daffodil, love found in a headless Barbie, and a chorus line in a bad song. I must fight for every bit of happiness.

I guess it may be worth the pain after all. My best words come from dark places.

And here I am again, dark and bittersweet. Now, what will I write?

Wisdom Circumspect

King Solomon was the wise one

and there have been none since.

At least not at his level


Just those of us struggling,


for one iota above this nonsense

and consequence.

They say experience teaches us.

They say “trouble brings experience,

and experience brings wisdom.”

Does that not make me wise?

Do I get the prize?

Where is my evidence ?


Is my doubt evident?

Forgive me if I don’t believe.

All I asked for was honesty

and I can’t get that.

No disrespect intended.

I’ll give respect where it’s due.

When actions follow your words

I’ll doff my hat to you.

©  Day Dreamer

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